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Beeftalk 795 - Who Gets the Weight?

The opportunity to use nontraditional beef production methods is very real.

Traditional management sells Dickinson Research Extension Center steer calves at 609 pounds, and nontraditional management sells the center’s long yearling steers at 1,264 pounds.

Have you ever added water to a dried sponge and watched the sponge expand? The cow-calf industry resembles the sponge.

For decades, cow-calf producers have used genetics, health, nutrition, reproduction, marketing, environment and product development to improve production. This expansion of potential productivity is like the sponge soaking up water.

The center’s decades of experience with traditional, experimental and just different management practices has focused on production costs as related to improving efficiency. The efficiency could be reproductive or growth, cow or calf, range or feedlot, retained ownership or selling at weaning or many different alternative management practices that provide options for cow-calf producers.

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